2021-2022 Show Choir Preliminary Rosters

Thank you for auditioning!
We were so impressed with all who auditioned.  Thank you for wanting to be part of our choirs!  We look forward to working with you this fall, , whether in a show choir or in another ensemble.
Congratulations to those who were accepted into Touch of Class or Sound Dimension!
See you at our mandatory parent meeting Monday, May 3 at 6:30pm in the JHS Black Box Theater.

Touch of Class 2021-2022

Taegan Barney

Claire Beezley

Ami Bennet

Logan Bruggeman

Raelin Calderon

Emilia Campbell

Maylin Castillo

Kaylee Cavener

Melanie Cerrato

Emily Clifford

Amelia Dixon

Samara Dodson

Jadyn Elder

Adaline Eldridge

Madison Elias

Corinne Fogarty

Hannah Gilbert

Aurahri Gilmore

Ashlyne Glover

Kenna Haley

Alexeous Hall

Emily Harvel

Hailey Hensley

Isa Herrera

Hailey Hilsabeck

Nina Holt

Allie Krumsick

Natalie Loyd

Libby Macaulay

Calpurnia Martin

Lauren May

Annabel Meredith

Charleigh Mueller

Maggie Narrell

Angela Nguyen

Kaylani Ochoa

Halle Potts

Adyson Ratliff

Laney Reaves

Jaylin Sangale

Ella Schwab

Erica Shoemaker

Taylor Steverson

Anastasia Stwyer

Kayla Talbot

Megan Walser

Sound Dimension 2021-2022

Astrid Cardenas

Carly Cascone

Krista Cheatham

Paisley Freund

Indee Gavin

Delanie Glover

Ashlynn Hardesty

Jadaci Hyche

Avery Jones

Erin Jones

Ashlyn Kanakis

Camryn Ledford

Elise Leek

Savannah Nelson

Lauren Riddle

Livvie Riddle

Leah Sherrod

Audrey Tillman

Faith Tupper

Maddy Wilson

Lucas Brower

Ethan Gibson


Alex Kester

Aidan Koch

Cole Lawrence

Samuel Parrot

Hudson Patterson

Dawson Phillips

Caden Shoemaker

Chris Smith

Luke Smith

Elijah Sotlar

Jack Stanley

Connor Stockam