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Monthly Fundraisers

This fundraiser is not mandatory, but has the potential of helping students raise all of their $350 fees for the year, and also, help someone else in need.  You can choose to participate in just one month, or try raising money each month of the summer.  Your choice.  Just print off the calendar for each month (or pick one up from the choir room) and find sponsors or donors to give you the amount of money listed for the day they wish to sponsor.  For example, if you asked me to sponsor you and I chose June 11, then I would give you $11.  Just have each donor sign their name on the day they chose to sponsor, collect their money, and turn it into Mrs. Reynolds.  You can contact me via text at 417-208-8563 for drop off.  I will be at JHS most days in June from 8-noon for summer school.  You can also turn in money at show choir camp in July.  

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